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The rose that grew through the concrete Mannerisms discrete Unlike the roots that’ve nurtured her She’s managed to stay unique  Unattached to the streets  Stems growing due to strength from underneath  Each petal is like a metal  Growing through adversity  The elements of the earth  Harmful to her from birth  Fearful she’d never make it  Willing…… Continue reading

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Soul Food

It’s amazing how much pain we are able to endure. From the smallest pieces of rejection, to the biggest heartaches that eat away at our soul, we managed to maintain. Time and time again, we’ve heard people say “life ain’t easy”. People constantly tried to feed us advice and hand us the necessary tools to…… Continue reading Soul Food

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Women… Today is For You! 

Today, is a celebration for women! Take a million selfies, dance like no one is watching, tell yourself “I’m beautiful” every time you walk by a mirror, laugh longer, play harder, run faster, be tougher, love harder… don’t hold anything back. You are a superwoman with superpowers!  You can give life, you can breathe life…… Continue reading Women… Today is For You! 

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Lost Thoughts in March

When she breaks promises, it makes her emotionally unstable. Just the thought of knowing that she’s disappointed someone, hurt someone, or possibly scarred someone’s heart, leaves her aching with pain. “I care way too much”.  Her heart doesn’t know how to not care. Her heart doesn’t know how to hate. Her body doesn’t know how to…… Continue reading Lost Thoughts in March