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her gentle heart. 

never did she dream of walking away. never did she dream of giving up on what she wants most. though thoughts creep, still she remains.  in his eyes, she sees more than he ever could. she knows his spirit, though she doesn’t know every fact that fill his life story. she seeks the light in him though his soul clings to darkness for all he knows is pain. she’s seen him shine, brighter than Gods brightest light on earth… that is the man she craves. she craves every bit of him. every piece of his being, she craves. from the softness of his lips, to the slight curves in his palms. from the lightness in the tips of his thumbs, to the comforting feeling of his legs wrapped tightly yet ever so gently around her body, she craves him. she craves his chest. for her to lay on. she dreams of kissing his chest, hoping the love would press down through his skin. her kisses, all the way to his heart. this thought, fills her with ecstasy. such sweet and tasteful bliss. her stomach fills with butterflies as she sees his face. when he smiles at her, she has to remember to catch herself. his smile, so powerful, so addicting to her soul. he smiles her way and she knows instantly, that smile is what makes her whole. she watches him, though he no longer watches her. she speaks of him, though he may never speak of her. she’ll say his name silently, hoping somehow he would hear her call. she whispers his name to the pillows and sheets, desperate to fill the room with his aroma. she prays silently for him, every time she closes her eyes. praying for him more than she prays for herself. she only wants whatever is best for him. even if it means living without him. she loves him, though he may never love her. he may ignore her forever, her greatest fear but not her biggest concern. she’ll always care for him more than he cares for himself. she’ll always ask God to be with him because that’s what’s most important to her. she just wants him. constantly. just him. nothing more, nothing less. none of his material things. him. just the image of him standing there… a man, his faith, his promises, and his dreams. his heart. she prays for that heart. she dreams to heal his heart. she loves him and she cannot help it. she thinks of him, dreams of him so often, it’s surprising if her mind manages to slip away from the thought of him, even just for a second. why does she love him so much when he doesn’t even notice her? why? why can’t she let go? she can, but she cannot. she committed herself to him because… well she can. the world, such a tremendously confusing, open, warm and dark place. if the world cannot be explained, do not ask her to explain her love. why her soul craves his soul or why she’s so deep in love. her faith, lead her here. God keeps her here. she refuses to walk away because one day you may need her. rather than veer off onto another path of uncertainty and little clarity, she stays close to your home, in case one day, one night… when you have nothing left, you’ll call to her. she isn’t desperate. she know her worth and she knows yours. she still waits for you though you stopped crossing her path. she continues to pray for your happiness… prays constantly that it lasts… 


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