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The rose that grew through the concrete Mannerisms discrete

Unlike the roots that’ve nurtured her

She’s managed to stay unique 

Unattached to the streets 

Stems growing due to strength from underneath 

Each petal is like a metal 

Growing through adversity 

The elements of the earth 

Harmful to her from birth 

Fearful she’d never make it 

Willing to fake it for what it’s worth 

Hateful of her weeds 

People stomping amongst her leaves

Not allowing them to stop her journey 

For what successful life is fulfilled without enemies 

As some would call these “haters” 

Attempting to keep you from shining and appearing greater 

Unfazed is she by every action 

Wise… she knows her reaction determines her satisfaction 

Monitoring her anger closely like contractions 

Freeing herself from feeling trapped in 

What some would call “depression” 

Taking all things with a grain of salt because “losses” come with lessons

Other roses

Growing in fresh green grass

Even the grass that’s not as green 

These flowers get noticed fast 

Amongst other flowers they bloom

The concrete flower hoping to be noticed soon 

Not dreaming of life differently

Praying to live radiantly 

Feeding off energy from the sun 

Sending negative views on the run 

The rose that grew through the concrete

Mannerisms discrete

Recognize your beauty 

Embrace what God has given you

And continue to be unique…. 


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