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When you’re alone, when you feel alone, when you feel emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted and you sit and think to yourself, you surround yourself with darkness and doubt. Your fears are played in front of your eyes on a big screen and you have a front row seat to your failures and doubts. You try and turn your eyes away from the screen, hoping to pull yourself out of such a slump, but the surround sound system is too loud to ignore and when you try and block out the noise by covering your ears, the sounds are heard inside your own head. Desperate to escape, you begin to scream. Wanting it all to end because you can’t allow this anchor of depression to sink you to the bottom, for you’re unsure if you can survive another abandoned ship… another piece of your soul lost at sea, never to return. Realizing your underwater, gasping for air. No longer in a seat, kicking feriously at the water, desperate to find the surface. Your eyes are open but all you see is darkness. You feel yourself getting closer and closer, you can imagine how sweet the air will taste, yet you continuously sink further and further, almost as if you’ve forgotten how to swim… how to survive, how to save your own life. There are no lifeguards, no life saver, no magical powers to break free of the anchor attached to your ankle. It is simply you, the darkness and water, taking air from your lungs. Your heart, filled with panic and anxiety, begins to slow. You reach down and though you cannot see the latch, you try and break free of the anchor. Your eyes open as you realize you are free and your chances of survival increase dramatically. You kick and reach for the surface as your eyes open and you see a small light. Focusing on the light for a small moment, feeling like forever, your thoughts are positive and you calm yourself. Though darnkenss is still surrounding you, you can only see the light, is is your focus. As you reach the surface, you gasp for air and the light fills the sky. As you close your eyes, you return to your seat in front of the big screen. Rather than continue to stay stuck in your seat, you decide to move and view the screen from various seats, gaining different angles. The surround system fades in and out as you make your way through the room. Though you come across a few comfortable seats, you continue to move in order to continue to gain insight. As you get comfortable and adjust, relocate and realize, the images on the screen continuously change and the surround sound no longer causes you to scream. The moment you decided to no longer drown in the scene of depression, was the moment your movie, your images, your thoughts and fears, everything changed. 

Though we cannot always see the good or the way out, we have to believe in ourselves and in our ability to change the way we view life. Through the darkness, we must see life, through the shadows, we must conquer our fears and turn away from doubt. Save yourself! Swim to the surface. Find the strength to fight and break free from your anchor. Fills your lungs with sweet air and continue to keep your head above water. We all are not Olympic swimmers. Understand that your sea may be more of a lazy river. Relax yourself and just flow with the natural waves of the water. 


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