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She has a story to tell 

But rather than yell

She quietly whispers to few 

Then returns to her shell

Where she feels safe 

And free from harm 

Where she can love freely 

Away from cold hearts 

Embracing the warm

Her story is inspiring 

It is one of great triumph 

If you come near enough 

She’ll tell you all that has feared her 

She’ll tell you of wars 

She’ll tell you of the losses 

She’ll underline the meanings and next to the good things,

She’ll draw crosses 

Quietly waiting 

Constantly debating 

Wading in still waters 

Soul swaying with the wind

Finding peace from within 

Breathing lessons to mothers and their daughters 

The red rose of life

Believed to be dying in strife

Able to make it another day,

Another night 

This rose is special 

Never to die 

For this rose was created 

For my soul to cure you’ll soul

All that’s left to do,

Is try 



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