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Women… Today is For You! 

Today, is a celebration for women! Take a million selfies, dance like no one is watching, tell yourself “I’m beautiful” every time you walk by a mirror, laugh longer, play harder, run faster, be tougher, love harder… don’t hold anything back. You are a superwoman with superpowers! 

You can give life, you can breathe life into others, your voice can be heard all around the world, your words heal others, your soul comforts others, and your smile… that smile lights up someone’s world

Celebrate yourself! Celebrate other women! Uplift and empower one another. We are WOMEN! We are the rib, we are the backbone, we are the ones that hold everything together. This world would be lost without us. 

I hope you know that you are beautiful and have so much potential and are capable of so much. I love, value, appreciate, celebrate, congratulate and cheer for you! Take your fears and drive away. Leave them behind. Open up doors for yourself and LIVE YOUR LIFE! 

Be free! Be fearless! Be young! Be YOU! 

Happy International Women’s Day 💕

Go take over the world… IT’S YOURS 👑


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