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The Idea of a Broken Heart 

A broken heart has a way of making you feel out of place. When I visualize a broken heart in my mind, I see a crooked crack right down the middle. Each half represents something different. Not 2 different people, rather 2 different emotions (depper than “should I stay or should I go?”). 

Think of it this way… 

Our brains have a left and right hemisphere. The left hemisphere (the half of the brain that deals with academics and logics) controls the right side of the body. The right hemisphere (the more artistic and creative pet of the brain) controls the left side of the body. To me, our hearts are very much like our brains. The left half of our heart allows us to see the analytical side of love. This half of our heart likes the facts. This side of our heart values truth and appreciates honesty, despite if the honesty may be hurtful. This is the strong half of our heart. The right half of the heart, is the side that is a believer in all things possible through love. This half of our heart imagines love in the hightest, most purest and brightest of lights. Together, these two halves complete and complement each other. Loving and whole hearts are something that we are born with. Everything meshes together perfectly and absolutely no negativity, hate or doubt have room to creep in. It isn’t until we suffer our very first heartbreak, that we realize our hearts capable of dividing.

When we suffer a heartbreak, our whole heart separates and the jagged edges are what casues each half to go into overdrive. What once made logical sense, no longer adds up. Our happy emotions are now darkened because our imagination is now hitting walls of constant and sometimes meaningless analytical thought. Much like how one side of the brain kicks into overdrive when someone suffers a stroke, the same can be said for the heart. 

Each time our heart breaks, bandages we use to patch it up, become weaker and weaker. Our badanges weaken simply because patching up a broken heart, doesn’t automatically stop the pain. Our blood is thick and the bandages simply are not absorbent enough to hold everything together as it once was. After suffering a broken heart, no one is ever really the same. Each time, leaves a different cut and a deeper scar. As time passes, our hearts do not just pull back together. We have to teach ourselves to love as we once did, when our hearts were  young and full. Living with a broken heart, leads you no where. Living in fear of suffering another broken heart, leads you no where. If you do not have faith that your heart will prevail, you’ve already chosen a life of disappointment and loneliness. 

Focus on what may be causing this divide in your heart, and either confront the issue or let it go. I asked myself “how could you chase after someone that makes your heart feel broken”? I wish I had the answer, but I don’t. My heart struggles in letting go because my heart has been kicked into overdrive too many times, I’m not sure how it is still functioning. The left side of my heart constantly collides with emotions and thoughts from the right side of my heart. How great and beautiful love once was yet how dark and depressing it’s managed to make me feel. There sometimes are not enough words to describe what my heart feels. It just feels then scrambles through emotions and logic later. Though my heart has been imperfectly patched up with my own hands, I still find power and desire within to heal broken hearts around me. How can I fix others problems when I have problems of my own? Haha! Nonsense. My heart, wonderfully and fearfully made, has the power to withstand almost anything. My heart gains a small bandage when I reach out to help those around me. Giving your heart to others (not always romantically), has a way of being beneficial. “You get out what you put in”. If you lead with your heart, somewhere along the line, your heart will be rewarded, just always keep it pure. Do not hesistate. Embrace your heart, broken, lopsided, upside down, etc. and allow the healing process to begin. 



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