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All women have an inner goddess, some just haven’t been introduced to her yet. Thankfully, you can meet and embrace her whenever you’re ready. The scale doesn’t have to read a certain number, you do not have to wait for the approval of others, and it’s never too late! 

Being a goddess isn’t about the outside appearance, rather it’s what is on the inside. Beauty is skin deep. When you feel beautiful, your energy rises, your skin radiates, and your positive attitude and gleaming smile becomes contagious. Your inner goddess is confidently and fearlessly beautiful. She does not need to prove anything to others because she understands her mistakes, celebrates her accomplishments, gains in her “losses” and remains humbled yet aware of her value. 

Teach yourself to feel beautiful every second, minute and hour! When you first wake up in the morning, after your workout, when you’ve removed your makeup, look in the mirror and tell yourself “I’m beautiful!” Tell yourself your beautiful the second you feel insecurity creeping in. I became inspired to embrace my natural beauty after seeing the beautiful and talented Alicia Keys promote HER (latest album). The music was more than just something to listen to, it was something that inspired me. I began to wear less and less makeup until I ultimately would go to work and school bare faced. Naturally having dark circles, people would always criticize me for looking “tired” or “sick”. Initially, I allowed their comments to discourage me until I decided I wouldn’t allow their comments to stop me from embracing the way God created me. I decided to trust that he made no mistakes and that I was made wonderfully in his image. That is her, my inner goddess and I am she. Her beauty is not defined by her under eye circles. Her beauty is not something to be seen, it’s a beauty to be felt.

Have you really embraced your inner goddess? Working out, makes me feel confident. Working towards my dreams, makes me feel confident. Accomplishing my goals, makes me feel confident. Your inner goddess feeds off the energy of doing things that makes her feel confident. The beauty that is felt, inspires and motivates her regardless of how others feel or what they say. If you are not doing what makes you happy, than you haven’t begun to embrace her. Only in doing things for yourself, things that bring you happiness and confidence, will you then begin to embrace her and allow her to evolve. Praise and appreciate your inner goddess. It is her who is fearless who you feel fear. It is her who is beautiful when you’re feeling insecure. It is her who stands firmly in her beliefs when you feel unsure. Allow her to play her role in the woman that you are. She looks exactly like you, same weight, same face, same shape… the only difference is she lives freely, for herself and is fearlessly and confidently beautiful, and she knows it. 

Once you’ve embraced her and allowed her to flourish, do not let her go! Hold onto your inner goddess and always allow her to shine through, even in the hardest of times. In fact, that’s when she needs to shine the most. Do not allow the voices and opinions of others to stop her from doing what makes her feel good. Wear your confidence without hesitation, without worry, without doubt. Believe in your goddess and allow her to shine! Be powerful woman! Make things happen without permission. Be fearless my dear and allow the universe to bring you all that you desire. 


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