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Am I a “good woman?” 

The question I believe every woman asks themselves at some point in their lives. Some of us ask ourselves more often than others, but we always come across the same thoughts. 

“Am I a good woman? What makes a good woman?” 

When most women describe what they believe a good woman is, often times, they describe themselves. Trying to match their checklist with the “ideal” woman, the woman that all men want. Ask a man what he believes a good woman to be, and you get all kinds of needs and desires that they want out of the woman of their dreams. However, there is a common theme between the answers from both men and women. A “good woman” knows her worth. 

When asking yourself this question, do not think about all the things you could do as woman that you haven’t yet gotten the chance to do. Think about your qualities and the characteristics that you hold. What makes you who you are. What makes you feel confident? What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you feel confidently beautiful? 

A good woman isn’t just a checklist of things, she is a woman of value. Good women are rare and the men that have been blessed/are blessed enough to come cross paths with them, know exactly who they are. The women that they wouldn’t even hesitate to get a second chance with. The woman that brought not only light, but lessons and wisdom into the relationship. The woman that made them stay up at night and realize how carefully GOD put together such a soul. After all, a real man just cat deny a woman’s worth, right? 

If you are at a point in your life where you find yourself asking these questions, stop! Begin evolving. Mold yourself into what you believe a good woman is. If you are already a Queen (which you are), embrace that! Understand that others in this world were not made like you. It is not your job to convince others who you are but it is your job to embrace yourself! Stop wondering if you’re worth it and believe that you are. Value yourself today to make for a better tomorrow. Believe that not only are you a good woman, but that you are valuable, you are beautiful, and that you can never be replaced. 


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