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Be Free! 

Find peace and run away with it. Take your fears, worries, doubts, sorrow, and negativity and leave it in yesterday. Only allow positivity, hopefulness, good faith and good intentions into the new day. 

Wake up earlier, run a little further, pray a little longer… take deep breaths. Get things done and then find time to reflect, have time alone. Life can be overwhelming at times, do not get lost. I have recently found peace in meditation. I haven’t always been the most “spiritual” person however, all it really takes is time and effort to truly connect with your inner self. Build that strong interior for an even stronger exterior. Allow yourself to just be free. Make decisions for yourself. Plan for the future, but do not forget the present. Enjoy everyday blessings, big and small. Whether you’re religious or not, find time to speak to the one higher than man. Do not fear seeking help. Pray on the things that worry you. Listen and pay attention to the signs around you. Embrace the sunshine and appreciate the rain. 

Find a rhythm and flow in the direction your faith and feet guide you. Believe that anything and all things are possible. Your mentality is everything! Begin each day on a positive note and trust that things will fall into place, just as they are supposed to. Find what brings you happiness and peace and allow those things to naturally flow into your everyday routines/errands. 

Do not get caught up in things that will not help you become the person you desire to be. Maintain control and steer clear of anything that distracts you from following your dreams. Set small goals and complete daily tasks. Move at your own pace and only pick up speed when you’re comfortable. 

Great things take time and lots of effort. If you want something, chase it! Do not stop working for it. When you feel weak, close your eyes, fill your soul with fire, and keep going. Only you can decide how your day will go. How you will handle adversity when it’s thrown at you? Handle it with grace, strength, and optimism. Be strong in your words and firmly in your beliefs. We are never truly alone. Surround yourself with good energy. All you need is 1 solid friend, a true friend, a genuine soul, to help you on your journey. We are not meant to go through life alone. We all need someone to lean on. Should you rely on your faith? Yes, but also having someone that will hold up while you have both hands outstretched in prayer, can be that extra help you need. 

Stay focused on the things that matter. It’s okay to feel discouraged. It’s normal to cry and feel sad. Do not allow the bad times to last forever. Pick yourself up, and keep going. Find, maintain, and spread your peace… and keep running 🌹


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