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Words left unsaid Dried tears and broken dreams 

Lying upon his bed 

Trying to pull together 

The spirit he left for dead 

She manages to stand 

Examining the crime scene

Trying to understand 

What possessed her to stress over such a man 

She wanted his attention 

She wanted his time 

Never thought she’d be in this position 

Frozen in time 
Every minute feels like an eternity 

Trying to convince herself she’ll forget this memory 

With certainty 

She prays and goes unheard

Thinking how could God allow something like this to happen 

How absurd 
Looking in the mirror

A dirty image she cannot clean

Attempting to convince the woman across from her, 

That she is a queen

Every “you’re beautiful” hurts 

Every “you’re pretty” sounds fake

Every “I love you” 

Convinced it was real 

Turned out to be a mistake 
She continuously wanders thru the world 

Every right feels wrong 

Every left feels dangerous 

For every step forward

3 are taken back 

4 would make sense 

But she constantly hesitates 

Unable to make decisions 

Fearing more wrong turns 

Turns that could lead her back into the darkness 

More painful lessons she’d have to learn
Having dreams she doesn’t survive 

Evil consumes her and she’s left to die

Hating all she’d ever loved 

Watching the dark clouds form above 

In her storm

There’s no light 

Trying to break free of the sadness 

With all her might 

In her dreams, she’d given up

Because she’d had enough 

Walking into the ocean 

Walking onto the road 

Leaving the world freely

Unapologetic to the soul 
Her heart continues to ache 

But her smile continues to shine 

Knowing as long as the world doesn’t know

Everything will be fine 

She knew she was lying 

But she didn’t have the time 

To heal all that was broken 

Insecurities left unspoken 

Trying to breathe freely 

But her thoughts leave her choking 
Love remains a fear 

Despite knowing she needs someone to be there 

Praying God will make it all go away 

Because of this world 

She wants to stay 

There is strength in her days 

Beauty in her ways 

Pain in the night 

But in the morning as she wakes

She faces continuous battles she must fight
Some wouldn’t understand 

So much pain caused by a man 

Struggling to put faith in Gods plan 

Planting 2 feet firmly on the ground

And learning how to stand 
Pain changes people 

It helps others grow 

The pain she faces is unforgettable

Yet unforgivable to her soul 


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