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Be Your Own Source Of Validation 

Being insecure, it’s hard to believe that you are indeed special and unique. That there is no other woman out there that has the same heart, qualities, and characteristics that you hold. I mean, all the women in this world, how would there even be possibility that I truly am a one in a million type of woman? 
As women, I feel like we face this issue often but most often when we are desiring to be accepted. 

Out of all these candidates in the world, my work is average but my soul is geared with hard work and determination. My GPA may not reflect that but it’s true. Everyday I dream about changing someone’s life. Helping those that have no one in their corner. Being the light in their darkness. Reading over the requirements and desired credentials, I am not qualified enough to provide such care. I am not experienced enough to be successful in this career path I’ve chosen. I search for validation… I graduated! That has to mean something right? Or was that just expected of me? If I try and I fail, am I strong enough to handle it? It’s impossible! There’s no way that I will build up myself enough to be accepted. There’s no point in even trying.

Out of all the women in his life, why has he chosen me? Is he here to play with me? Am I a source of temporary entertainment? There’s no way I’m interesting enough. I don’t even do anything great in life. I have no talents. I look average and I live an average life. I have aspirations but that won’t keep this man. Neither will my undying support and love for him. I mean, all men cheat right? So why should I even dream of a forever? Why would I believe in “fairytales” when I’ve only ever experienced nightmares? I’m not special. I cannot be. I wouldn’t have these emotional issues if I did. I’m too damaged for anyone to love me. I just cannot see a man really falling in love with me. There’s no way I’ll build up myself enough to maintain the relationship I’ve prayed for. There’s no point in even trying. 

Searching for validation

Looking in the mirror, trying to understand what the rest of the world sees. Apparently I have 20/20 vision and they need glasses. They see perfection, I see mistakes. They see strength, I see weakness. They see a strong foundation where there is none. How can I convince myself of something I don’t even see? I turn away and look towards society for validation. No help! Some say I’m behind in life, others think I’m ahead. Continuing to compare my grass to others, I realize I’m so behind. Or am I? Am I good enough or not? Why even continue? 

Be your OWN source of validation!

Stop looking for others or your accomplishments to validate you. Validate yourself! You know beauty begins from the inside. Hold onto that! School will always be hard. You know that. Get yourself out there! Network! Talk to people. Get yourself some experience and exposure. Believe in yourself and make it happen. Our mentiality is everything. Stay positive. Fill yourself with positivity energy. There is no other woman out there like you! God made us all as individuals with different lights. I promise love. Do not allow this world to break you. You’re strong enough to get through the hardest and toughest of times. Quitting will only bring you down. You deserve every great thing that comes to you. When you feel discouraged, pray. Lean on God when those around you cannot provide the support and care that you so desperately need. Fill that void with hope and faith. Channel your inner peace and truly connect with your desires. Know yourself in and out. Do not fear time alone. Embrace the shadows and shine brighter in the light. Laugh when there is love and stand tall when there is hate. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Believe that you are the greatest. Believe you are a woman of value. A woman worth loyalty, kept promises and truth. Do not wait on a man to point out what makes you different. Have those differences written in your soul, in your own handwriting. Recite your differences with powerful confidence and soft humbleness. Recite these differences to yourself. The only person you are here to convince is YOURSELF! You and you only! Give willingly, unconditionally, and constantly to yourself. Fight every battle with tremendous strength. Look to the mirror inside your soul and breathe beauty and fire into the deepest, most inner part of you. The world may THINK they have you figured out but my dear, make your soul sink so deep that their thoughts do not even rattle you. Be the woman that leaves an imprint on everyone’s hearts. A woman that may disappear as time passes but one that will never be forgotten. Be the woman of your own dreams. Once you’ve attained such greatness, keep dreaming! 


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