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Message To Society 

Alessia Cara- Scars To Your Beautiful
This song and video speaks volumes. I appreciate the song and the message so much. I’ve heard this song before but I’ve recently heard it being played on the radio and I am so happy to hear it. 
The way that society and social media portrays beauty is very one sided. The “instagram models” and the “video girls” have been glorified so much as of recent, that these women have become the one and only definition and standard of beautiful. No taking away from the beauty of those women because that is not what this page is about. I want those women to feel beautiful just as much as I want the women watching them to feel. One could argue that all of the famous women on instagram and in music videos, possibly in Hollywood and in the music industry “look the same” however those women are individuals as we all are. The way one woman displays her beauty will different from the way you display yours. If she is known for having a great body, than by all means, her social media will show off her great body. Some view it as having no self respect, others view it as art. I’m not here to speak on what should be posted or what shouldn’t be, however we should not shame women for exercising their self confidence and self love. It can be a tough case to fight because when is self confidence or self love showing “too much”? The reality is, we all have different upbringings so we our beliefs and morals will be different. Just because we have theses differences, does not mean we are better than the next woman. 

Yes, believe you are better than the next woman but in a humble way. Trust that there is no woman out there like you but acknowledge the other great women that walk this earth. We all have pasts and we all have different struggles. Do not judge a person based on what you see on the surface. Beauty is skin deep. To me personally, it is your attitude and how you treat others! Those are the factors that determine your beauty. You may be appealing to my eyes but have no influence over my mind or my heart. That is why getting to know yourself and embracing the differences in others is so important. When you do both of those things, you’re allowing yourself to excercise not only your self confidence but your self love as well. You cannot give love without knowing self love! 
Trust and believe in everything that you are. The world may not think I’m beautiful but I’ve convinced myself that it is what is in my heart that makes me beautiful. Convince yourself that you are beautiful. You don’t need the worlds aprroval. Who qualified them to determine who you are?! Do not give them the power to tell you about yourself or tell you what you will be in life. There is not one concrete definition of beautiful! Embrace the scars that tell your story. Embrace everything society tells you to hate about yourself. Just embrace and love, love, LOVE, yourself unconditionally! 


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