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The world can be a cruel and dark place when you’re living in doubt

Trying to convince society of your value 

Keep them aware that you’re rare

Something this world cannot go without 

The fear of being indifferent

“She’s ordinary! Nothing unique!” 

The shouts from the crowds 

Men and women aloud 

Criticizing all she appears to be 

Go against society and you are shamed 

“Stand out! Be different!”

Express yourself and you are detained

Detained from being apart of the “norm”

An outcast amongst celebrities and personalities that are torn 

Torn between who they are and who society wants them to be

Clearly, it isn’t just you and me

The struggle continues beyond the crowds 

Beyond the souls screaming aloud 

Criticizing you for who they cannot be 

Thinking to themselves “why you? Why not me”

In the game of life, nothing is fair

We compare things that are different

Forcing similarities to be there 

What’s black cannot be white 

What’s dark cannot be bright 

But society says

Both things are alike 

Not alike enough to not be different 

Not different enough to be unique 

Not alike enough to be relatable 

Keeping things debatable

Because in harmony

We choose not to be 

So when the time comes 

For you to be you 

Don’t think about society 

Don’t desire for people to understand you 

Desire to understand 

Avoid the need to conform 

Because as time rolls on 

Society morphs while you stand strong 

While you evolve and grow 

Society dims and glows 



With nothing positive to show 

Remain enlightened 

Love freely 

Don’t not be frightened 

Stay true to who you are 

Allow your soul to take you far 

Disconnect from what “should be”

Reconnect to the language your soul speaks 

Be bold 

Be beautiful 

Be the woman of your dreams 

Be loud 

Be inspiring

Be motivational 

Be the Queen that sees Queens 



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